Second International Conference on
Nanotechnology: Theory and Applications
Cairo, Egypt, 19 - 21 December 2022

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ID Title and authors
001 Towards Adaptive Nanoscience and Nanotechnology; Jean-Marie Lehn
002 Topology and Molecular Machines: Two Interlinked Research Fields; Jean-Pierre Sauvage
003 Impact of Nanobiotechnology on the future of Medicines: The Road toward precision Medicines –Case Studies; Shaker Moussa
004 III-V nanowires for silicon-integrated nanophotonics: opportunities and challenges; Vladimir Dubrovskii
005 Water harvesting, desalination and quality control with silicon metasurfaces and microfluidic devices; Tarik Bourouina
006 High performance ceramic anode materials with structure decoration; Hailei Zhao
007 Novel electroactive hybrid fiber materials; Weihau Tang
008 Nanomaterials and membranes interfaces by Atomic Layer deposition: design, properties and applications; Mikhael Bechelany
009 From basic sciences to applications: Towards sustainable societies; Amal Kasry
010 Nanofibers synthesis and applications in renewable energy, water desalination and wastewater treatment fields; Nasser Barakat
011 Nano-biosensors: The future of health diagnostics; Rabeay Hassan
012 Recent progress in nanomedicine for gene delivery applications. An overview of the CERRMA Lab experience; Samar El Ashy
013 Multifunctional EMI shielding and sensor applications with 2D materials and their composites; Choon-Gi Choi
014 Intellectual property issues in life sciences applications of nanotechnology; Ahmed Mousa
020 Si nano_photonics for data center applications; Diaa Khalil
021 Development of a microbial photoelectrosynthesis system for efficient hydrogen generation from organic waste streams; Mohamed Mahmoud
022 Synthesis- structure relationship in lead zirconate titanate PZT elaborated using sol-gel auto combustion approach; G. M. A. Elhefnawy, M. El-Gazery, M. M. Rashad, A. H. Khafagy
023 Mythelene blue removal on biodegradable adsorption membranes fabricated from sugarcane bagasse pulp: Characterization and performance study; Salma O. M. Elshabrawy, Amal Elhussieny, Mahmoud M. Taha, Abdelaziz H. Konsowa, Irene S. Fahim
024 MicroRNA-199a loaded gold nanoparticles; A promising tool to combat hepatocellular carcinoma; Mohamed El-Kady, Samar El Ashy, Mona Shehata, Thanaa Shalaby
025 Overcoming multidrug resistance of triple negative breast cancer cell lines using miRNA 374c-5p and its Inhibitor-Chitosan nanoparticle conjugates; Noor N. Fadhloon, Nefertiti El-Nikhely, Marwa M. Essawy, Yousri A. Rostom, Salah El-Din Abdelmoneim, Mohamed F. Mostafa, Samar El Ashy
026 Chitosan-bentonite biocomposite as an environmentally-benign adsorbent for Ciprofloxacin from aqueous solutions; Hanaa Essa, Hebatullah H. Farghal, Tarek M. Madkour, Mayyada M. H. El-Sayed
027 Novel repurposed nano-facial sheet masks for dermatological disease; Nahla Elhesaisy, Shady Swidan, Mahmoud Teaima, Mohamed El-Nabarawi
028 Sorption dynamics of some selected metal ions from aqueous solution using chitosan magnetized by Fe2O3 nanoparticles; Hussein M. Ahmed, Mohamed A. El-Khateeb, Neama A. Sobhy, Nouran Y. Mohamed
030 Bi-modal particles effect on the microstructure, mechanical properties and corrosion behavior of Ti- nano composite for dental applications; Omayma El-Kady, Ahmed El-Tantawy, H. M. Yehia, I. M. Ghayad
031 The effect of radiation and cement dust on the DNA of female and male samples; M. M. El-Zaidia, Sobhy E. Hassab El-Nabi, Huda Salman, Sameh Hassan
032 The effect of tobacco concentration on the DNA bloodsamples using the AC electrical impedance spectroscopy; M. M. El-Zaidia, Sobhy E. Hassab El-Nabi, Huda Salman, Sameh Hassan
033 Nanotechnology revolution in confronting the extreme-drug resistance (XDR) microorganisms; Dalia M. A. Elmasry, Samar Kassem, Walaa M. Elsherif, Dalia Elhosseny, Momtaz A. Shahein
034 Parametric study of capacitively coupled Ar/CF4 plasma discharges; Mohamed G. Elsheikh, T. Al Ashram, W. M. Moslem, Mohamed Shihab
035 Dispersion engineering in silicon nitride waveguides; Abdelrahman Mohamed, Salsabil Elsibaie, Hussein E. Kotb, Diaa Khalil
038 Review: Nanofluids derived from nanotechnology: industrial applications; Mahmoud S. Ahmed, Ashraf M. Elsaid
039 Solar desalination by nanofluids ; Ashraf M. Elsaid, Mahmoud S. Ahmed
040 Simple and novel co-precipitation method of synthesis of 3D pyramidal hierarchical Ni@ ceo2-Al2O3 nanocatalyst for cyclohexane dehydrogenation; Rasha S. Mohamed, Wael A. Aboutaleb, Heba M. Gobara
041 Enhancing performance of solar distillers using functional materials; Ammar El-Sheikh, Manabu Fujii
042 A novel biogenic formulation for osteoporosis reduction and promotion of bone tissue formation; E. M. Mahmoud, Sally A. El Awdan, M. Sayed, S. M. Naga
043 Hierarchical CoFe2O4/ NiMoO4-doped carbon electrodes for high bioanode performance in microbial fuel cells; Yasmin Ahmed, Fatma El-Gohary, Magdy Zahran, Mohamed Mahmoud
044 Response surface methodology for carbon dioxide reforming of methane over Ni/5La-ZrO2 catalyst; Tahani Gendy, Radwa El-Salamony, Seham El-Temtamy, Salwa Ghoneim, Dalia Abdel-Hafiza, Mohamed Ebiad, Ahmed El Naggar
045 Nano-technology and Nano-engineering for chemical cngineers; Said S. Elnashaie, Firoozeh Danafar, Hassan H. Rafsanjani
046 Modeling, simulation and optimization of a bubbling fluidized bed reactor using Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) catalyst for the production of Carbon Nano Tubes (CNTs); Said S. Elnashaie, Firoozeh Danafar, Hassan H. Rafsanjani
047 Utilization of nano-hydroxyapatite in the fabrication of ceramic bodies with enhanced mechanical properties and translucency; S. M. Naga, N. El-Mehalawy, M. Awaad
048 Bulk nanostructured Ti-alloys showed ultra-high strength; Mohamed A. Gepreel
049 Electrical, mechanical, and medical applications of nanodiamond films prepared by physical vapor deposition; Tsuyoshi Yoshitake
050 Studying the microstructure, physical & mechanical properties of Al matrix reinforced with bi-modal particles coated with either Ni or Cu; Ghada Fadel, Shaimaa A. Abolkassem, Ghalia A. Gaber, Omayma A. ElKady, Aiea A. Elhabak, Mahmoud A. Adly, Lamiaa Z. Mohamed
051 Synthesis of nystatin-mediated bismuth oxide nano-drug by using gamma radiation and evaluation of its in vitro antimicrobial activity; Hanady G. Nada, Gharieb S. El-Sayyad, Reham R. El-Behery, Mohamed Gobara, Ahmed I. El-Batal
052 Experimental characterization of spectral multi-mode double layer InP/AlGaInP quantum dot laser; Radwa A. Abbas, Yasser M. Sabry, Haitham Omran, Zhihua Huang, Michael Zimmer, Michael Jetter, Peter Michler, Diaa Khalil
053 Experimental characterization of single and double layer InP/AlGaInP quantum dot laser; Radwa A. Abbas, Yasser M. Sabry, Haitham Omran, Zhihua Huang, Michael Zimmer, Michael Jetter, Peter Michler, Diaa Khalil
054 Development of Cefoperazone loaded glycerosomes: Fabrication, optimization, and in vitro evaluation of the antimicrobial and wound healing activities; Noha Badawi, Yomna Moussa, Merna Ahmed, Mariam Ahmed, Haidy Mohamed, Madeline Adel, Mostafa Hamed, Marwa Mahmoud, Khaled Zeed, Yasmin Mostafa, Radwa Saeed
055 Green coffee bean extract loaded solid lipid nanoparticles for management of cellulite: optimization and clinical study; Yomna A. Moussa, Mahmoud H. Teaima, Maha H. Ragaie, Dalia A. Attia, Mohamed M. Elmazar, Mohamed A. El-Nabarawi
056 Revelation of the microsponges’ predominant fabrication parameters and influence on in vitro biological activities of Adapalene; Rania M. Yehia, Mahmoud H. Teaima, Dalia A. Attia, Mohamed M. Elmazar and Mohamed A. El-Nabarawi
057 Silicon photonics fabrication tolerance sensitivity study; Rabab A. Shalaby, Yasser M. Sabry, Diaa Khalil
058 Silicon photonics directional coupler measurements; Rabab A. Shalaby, Yasser M. Sabry, Diaa Khalil
059 Combating type II diabetes employing biodegradable transdermal microneedles; AbdElrahman E. Abu ElKheir, Dalia H. Mady, Mahmoud Khalid, Mahmoud Magdy, Mennatollah S. Abul-Fetoh, Omar H. Selim, Salam H. Talib, Sara A. Shokr, Rania M. Yehia, Muhammed Ossama, Ahmed M. Fayez, Dalia A. Attia
060 Fabrication and Characterization of a miniaturized pH potentiometric sensor based on a nano Bismuth Oxide film deposited on a Fluorine doped nano Tin Oxide glass substrate (FTO) using spray pyrolysis technique; Mahmoud A. Fathy, Ibrahim Moussa, Ayman H. Kamel, Saad S. M. Hassan
061 Recent trends in magnetic nanomaterials: Synthesis, properties, and their environmental and bio-applications; Mona Sayed, Mohamed Abbas, Salma Naga
062 Design and fabrication of nanostructured electrode materials for energy conversion; Ayat El-Shazly, Mohamed Rashad, Nageh Allam
063 Effects of structural disorder and Urbach’s rule in borate glasses doped with Erbium oxide; Ahmed Henaish, Osama Hemeda, Taher Sharshar, Dmitriy Spiridonov, Ilya Weinstein, Aly Abouhaswa
064 Controlling the density of plasma species in Ar/CF4 radiofrequency capacitively coupled plasma discharges; Mohamed G. Elsheikh, Tarik El-Ashram, Waleed M. Moslem, Yasser Abdella, Mohammed Shihab
065 Novel Solar simulated photocatalytic heterolysis of pharmaceutical wastewater via slag nanocomposite immobilization: Optimization using response surface methodology; Kingsley Safo, Hussien Noby, Masatoshi Mitsuhara, Hiroshi Naragino, Ahmed H El-Shazly
066 Synthesis of hybrid ultrasonicated eggshell biochar nanomaterial for decontamination of cationic and anionic dyes from aqueous solutions; Norbert O. Rubangakene, Ahmed Elwardany, Manabu Fujii, H Sekiguchi, Hassan Shokry
067 Glucose optical sensor based on a ternary photonic crystal comprising a superconductor layer; Safaa Alqrinawy, Sofyan Taya
068 High performance supercapacitor electrodes based on eco-friendly glucose-derived nitrogen-doped graphene-like derivatives; Marwa Mohamed, Marwa Adel, Jehan El Nady
069 A new dermatophytosis lab on chip immunochromatography based diagnostic era; Hassan Aboul-Ella, Rafik Soliman, Rafik Hamed, Heidy Abo-Elyazeed
070 Silver nanoparticle probe for fast colorimetric determination of Tobramycin in pharmaceuticals with greenness assessment; Passant M.Medhat, Christine M.ELMaraghy, NermineV.Fares, Miriam F.Ayad
071 The miracle of Ag-NPs biosynthesis using lactobacilli; E. G. El Fadly, A. M. El Baz, O. F. Magooz, E. F. Kamis, N. S. Abdel Atty, H. K. Sakr, M. A. Salama, M. A. Nashaat, M. A. El Kemary
072 Strong-base free synthesis enhancing the structural, magnetic and optical properties of Mn/Co and Zn/Co substituted cobalt ferrites; Hala G. Abd-Elbaky, M. Rasly, Reem G. Deghadi, Gehad G. Mohamed, M. M. Rashad
073 Controlling Toluene pollution using synthesized polyaniline/clay nanocomposite ; Amira Abdelraheem, Marwa Elkady, Ahmed H. El-Shazly
074 In-Situ determination of anticancer potential induced by Nickel Ferrite nanoparticles, against MCF-7 cancerous cells, using Atomic Force Microscopy under physiological conditions; Samia Dhahri, Marta M. Fernandez, Elias Estephan, Farah Nasraoui, Manel Othman, Csilla Gergely, Najeh T. Mliki
075 Enhanced photocatalytic activity in Zn/Mn substituted BiFeO3 nanoparticles; Wael Ben Taazayet, Ikbel Mallek-Zouari, Jean-Marc Grenèche, Lotfi Bessais, Brahim Dkhil, Najeh T. Mliki
076 Identification of porphyrin-single walled carbon nanotube’s supramolecular structure via scanning probe microscopy: towards SWNT absolute handedness chirality determination; Ahmed I. A. Abd El-Mageed, Takuji Ogawa
077 Enhanced visible-light photocatalytic decontamination of methylene blue from wastewater using a biodegradable nano-composite hydrogel; Eman A. Motawea, Hend Al-aidy El-saied
078 Conductive polypyrrole nanotubes decorated metal free P-g-C3N4 as efficient sorbent for Hg2+ capture from wastewater; Heba A.El-Sabban, M. A. Diab, Yasser Moustafa